Recognizing God’s Love and our Self Worth, From the Thoughts of a Perfectionist

Have you ever felt so incompetent and incapable of what is asked of you, whether it be in school or in life? If not, then either you need to get out more, or you have some secret method of feeling confident constantly (teach me your ways please!). But all joking aside, we all have times... Continue Reading →

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What’s Wrong with the Education System (and how to improve it)

In honor of Martin Luther King Jr. (I started writing this on MLK day) I've decided to speak out about an issue that is extremely important to me and affects millions of people all over the country. I would like to discuss the flaws of our school system. I know a lot of teenagers complain... Continue Reading →

When I Like Someone

Ah, one of the greatest mysteries of social interaction...when someone is crushing on someone else. This is a magical stage in romance when you look at someone and....*slap* like them. It's certainly not a fairytale...trying to figure out emotions and decide how you feel. To quote a fantastic friend of mine, "I'm too young for... Continue Reading →

A Tribute to the Theatre Kids

My school is doing a production of Beauty and the Beast, and we just started rehearsals. I got cast as Babette, if you were curious. But as I've met and watched people I barely know during rehearsal, I've gained a new appreciation for theatre kids. Here are some things I appreciate in theatre kids: 1.... Continue Reading →

2018: a Poem

Do more Smile more Sleep more Laugh more Serve more Love more Life is not a war, Well maybe it is But a war against darkness. So love more. Negativity less Yell less Angry less Stress less Mess less Perfect less You are not a mess, But if you are, You’re a beautiful mess Miraculous... Continue Reading →

Feeling the Christmas Spirit

AAAAH! I completely abandoned this blog for a few weeks, I'm so sorry! Homework and being sick (and missing three days of school for recovery), as well as thanksgiving...all of this stuff just made me so busy. But I'm going to try harder, especially with the new year approaching after Christmas. We'll see what happens.... Continue Reading →

My Perspective on Perspectives

You know when you read a book and you think you know everything, until it switches point of view and you realize you had it all wrong? It's interesting how perspectives are so often overlooked, when really, they're our most useful tool. Because, chances are, you don't have all of the answers. Because you don't... Continue Reading →

Awareness of Thinking

Have you ever tried to speak your thoughts out loud as they come? Not only is it difficult,  but often, it's downright impossible. The thing is, you either suddenly think you don't have any thoughts to speak (wrong), or you have so many it stops mid thought for a new one. I first tried this... Continue Reading →

The World Could be Healed with Cookies and Love

That's my life motto. I know, people will scoff and say that that's just a fantasy, or that cookies can cause problems too, but you know what? I don't care. Because I would rather have cookie problems than any of the problems we have right now. Today I'm going to focus a bit on issues... Continue Reading →

Ways to De-stress When You Don’t Have Time

When we talk about stress, we often talk about healthy ways to deal with it. Ways that often take up a lot of time in your already crammed schedule, making your stress even worse! But sometimes, you need relief fast...which is hard because the best stress relief techniques take a long time. So here are... Continue Reading →

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